Our Values

Curiosity & Creativity

Inquisitive questions drive us to seek answers, sparking inspiration for fresh ideas. These innovative ideas give rise to development and growth.

Positivity & Passion

We embody optimism, proactivity, and motivation, fostering inspiration within our team and promoting adaptability with our colleagues, partners, and competitors.

Integrity & Impact

We ensure a strong match between our actions and words, emphasizing results, as we value trust earned through honesty, positive intent, robust competencies, and a proven track record.

Data-driven Business

We excel at making motivated, data-driven decisions, leveraging analytics and proven results as catalysts for innovation and sustained success across our dynamic business landscape.

NewGMedia Story
2016 NewGMedia was founded
2017 First brand comes to life
2018 Expanded reach with our first office in Europe
2019 South Africa office joins
2020 3 new brands thrive
2021 500,000 players celebrate success
2022 Affiliate Program take flight
2023 Platform launched
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